In Film

Technically Love (2016) ~ Script Supervisor
Skin Deep (2017) ~ Writer/Director/Executive Producer


Humiliated in a workplace smackdown, an office outcast seeks sanctuary in a ladies room stall–and enters a self-made prison from which there is no escape.

What You Wish For ~ Short Film ~ In development


When secret desires manifest through letters written on her antique Underwood, Megan wonders if the old typewriter is a blessing… or a curse. A quirky, slight-of-hand caper that proves wishes can come true. [A short story adaptation.]

5IVE ~ Short Film ~ In development

How far would you go to save your inner child?

Blood Relatives ~ Web Series ~ In development

To stave off boredom, three depression-era swing kids–Izzie, who can’t resist a bit of fun, Rabbie, who can’t resist Izzie, and Porter, who can’t resist a dare–break into an abandoned castle to discover a coven of vampires. The stakes–pun intended–are high.